Thursday, February 13, 2014

Acererak's Last Stand

Our hearty adventurers were searching for Acererak having destroyed his phylactery.  They determined that Acererak had taken refuge in the original Tomb of Horrors.  Finding the correct archway in Pluton to step through they again journeyed to the temple of Acererak in the Tomb.  Arriving in the temple they found the wooden pews intact, the altar on the dais was empty but the small opening leading east was passable.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Astral Engine

The group was yanked through the mouth and found themselves in a vast chamber.  Arcs of lightning illuminated the enormous eldritch engine that filled the chamber.  Tight wound mithral cables and platinum rods twisted along rune covered walls like a spider's web, with thousands of gems set among them in a blazing riot of color.

An enormous multifaceted gem floated in midair at the center of the giant engine, it pulsed with silver light.  A huge figure stood on an altar -- a skeletal form armored in crystal shards wrapped with strips of black flesh.  Its head was crystal skull with a human sized skull mounted in its left eye socket.  The eyes and teeth of this smaller skull were set with gleaming gems.  Lythandar lay unconscious on the floor.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reaper's End

The party had just dispatched the Aspect of Vecna, Demin grabbed the gem in a bag with his glove and a black ooze lurched out of the black pool in the room.  The party set to work on the Black Blood Bone Collector as it moved blindly around attacking with Slam and Tendrils.  The necrotic damage was still reduced by the power Lythandar had used, but it was substantial.  In addition when Tendrils were used the heroes that were hit were grabbed and lost a healing surge.  The Bone Collector also seemed to regain strength when grabbing a victim.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Wild Game & Black Pool

In a Feywild chamber the group encountered Hespotherad who invited them to play a game.  He of course would allow the party to cooperate against him, else it wouldn't be a challenge.  All of the group except Mara gathered around the table and examined the game board.  Demin started the challenge spotting a chance to play a card and advance the party toward winning.  Hespotherad started to go red in the face and spout threats against the party as the group continued to take their turns.  Each time a hero would make a move toward winning he grew angrier and redder.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fallen Amoth

Our hearty adventurers found themselves back in the Tuern shrine after a battle with four ghosts.  They quickly took a short rest and healed up from their exertions.  Taking a look around the group decided to try and activate the southeastern archway.  Lythandar attempted to open the arch but failed as a blast exploded into the chamber.  It luckily missed all of the party members, but everyone then moved away from the arch as Lythandar attempted to activate it again.  Success followed and Pretis and Mara led the way through finding themselves in the Hidden Temple.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Liquid Night

The party continued to search the room for various armor or weapons that could be useful, though they found nothing new or interesting.  Most of the armor was plate mail, unusable by any party member.  Mara searched for secret openings anywhere in the room but found no escape routes other than the glowing arches.  The party had entered by the northeast archway, which now was inactive, and decided to leave via the southwest archway.  Mara suggested that when leaving the arch on the far side maybe moving away would be helpful since everyone was clustered together coming into the present chamber.  Lythandar an arcane check to activate the southwest arch and the party stepped through, Pretis leading the way.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Betrayed Tuern

Our group of hearty adventurers had just passed through another arched gateway.   They found themselves in another oddly shaped room.  Broken weapons and shattered bones littered the floor.  Blackened stone walls were set with racks of burnished steel.  The bodies of six devils laid upon the floor but a broader view was obscured by seven hulking metal figures crashing forward to attack.